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Harold Wilson is always an ordinary guy. He works as an attorney. Though he is smart, he is not affectionate or impartial enough to do anything remarkable. Besides his occupation, his life is just the same as others. He doesn’t have buddies to hang out on Friday and stays single all the time. 

You may think this story is as boring as Harold’s life so far. However, everything is about to change.

It all started on one Friday, when Harold was walking back home solely, thinking about how he is going to spend the weekend. He noticed a spooky old house that he has never seen around this area. Instead of feeling frightened, he stopped for curiosity and stared at the strange building. It looked like a 20th century hotel but its doors and windows are all closed. Obviously, it has been abandoned for ages because the wooden front door looks as if it would fall down any second. 2 statues of angel covering their faces with hands were standing besides the gate.

“It cant be here…” said Harold. He stepped closer but then made up his mind not to go into the mysterious hotel. He does not like being involved in any kind of trouble. So he walked away, not seeing the 2 statues slowly move their hands. 

Going down the street near home, Harold lost his mind thinking about the “haunted” hotel and was bumped by a thin and tall guy who was wearing a light brown overcoat.

“I’m so sorry , sir.” The guy apologized immediately and ran away.

Harold was so annoyed by him that he turned around wanting to find that guy. But there was no one behind him.

“How can that …” he whispered to himself.

Strange things happened again when he was trying to open his own door. The door was not locked, but Harold remembered locking the door before going to work clearly. 

The room was the same as he left this morning, which is relaxing.

Suddenly he noticed that his father’s watch was lying on the ground. He has never opened the watch because it has been broken since he was just a boy.

”That’s strange…”said Harold, bending down to pick it up. The moment his finger touched the watch, he felt so painful that he nearly dropped the watch.  He quickly put it in his packet.

That night he had a dream. He dreamed himself becoming the Prime Minister of UK and was lauded by his people. But he knew that was not his true desire. That tall and thin guy appeared too. They seemed so close in his dream as if they had been friends for many years. But he locked the guy in a large kennel and nearly boomed up half of the world. He wanted to be seen. He wanted the guy’s attention completely on him. He wanted the Doctor to see him…

Next day he woke up and remembered nothing of his dream. It was Saturday so he went for a walk as he always did. It was cloudy outside. He sat down in a café for breakfast. 

Just when he was waiting for his bacons, the guy who bumped him yesterday rushed through the entrance into the café looking around anxiously. He didn’t even change his clothes and his strange out-looking got raised eyebrows. After seeing him, the guy ran and sat in front of him without even asking for permission. 

“Good morning, Mr Wilson. ” said the guy with a smile on his face. 

“How did you know my name…”Harold frowned. 

“Guess what? I know more than you think I do.” The guy winked to him.

“May I ask you why you come after me?” Harold got a bit angry.

“OH!”the guy yelled ,”that’s a brilliant question. The thing is , Mr Wilson, you have to come with me because you are in great danger. And I am not lying.”

“No.”Harold rejected without thinking ,”I’m not going with someone I don’t even know.”

“Harold, you have to trust me. Listen…”

“I   had enough.” Harold ultimately decided to do something. He left the guy and rushed out of the café. Walking down the street, he was really angry. Why this kind of thing happened to me? I’m just an ordinary guy, nothing special. He took a different path and kept walking. 

A car was stalking him. He has noticed it for 20 minutes. And he still didn’t know what to do. Maybe he should listen to that guy , he thought. But it is too late now, isn’t it?

The car pulled over and 3,4 men came out of the car. Harold started to run, feeling frightened. It’s more than harass now. He ran towards the corner of the street and those men were chasing just a few steps behind him. 

I’m going to be assassinated for some reason even I don’t know, he thought despairingly, I knew those strange paranormal things were premonition.

He heard a woman’s voice.”…He only have one heart. He is a human. ”

Those men suddenly stopped. Harold was too afraid to stop to catch his breath. He didn’t stop running until he found out he was in front of his own door.  

Opening the door, he nearly jumped up when saw the guy sitting in his living room. 

“Why…why are you here…”he can’t even talked continuingly.

“We can talk about that later.” The guy stood up,”Now just tell me. You have a watch ,right? An old one , but you never noticed it. Where is it?”

Harold frowned,”…What..?”

“…You are not real.” the guy hesitated for a while and then said, ”Harold Wilson is not REAL. Before 1 year ago, there was no such person as Harold Wilson.”

“But…that’s no possible. I am Harold Wilson. How can I be not real? I remember my parents ,though they died when I was 3.Car accident. ”

“You were too small to remember anything. You don’t have parents…I mean you do but they are not your parents. No one can remember something that happened before 3 years old. At least no human can.” He tried to explain ,”Just tell me where the watch is!”

“Here .”Harold took out the watch that was in his packet all the time. There were some circles on the watch.

“Open it.” said the guy decidedly.

“No. It’s broken.”Harold said it without thinking.

“No, it is not. It was just a trick.”

Harold looked at the guy and slowly opened the watch. Millions of pictures and memories flooded in his brain. His chest hurt so badly that he thought he would die. He screamed in pain. 


After a few seconds, he stood up with a smirk on his face. 2 hearts were pumping in his chest.

“Hello ,Doctor. ”

This time, it was the Doctor guy who frowned.


“I can’t believe you did that to me. You made me human. You deleted my memory and threw me into this …miserable life of Harold Wilson.” Said he angrily,” I am entitled to be a Time Lord, just as you are. ”

“Stop it. Stop trying to rule the universe. You don’t have to do that. ”

“Then will it stop? The drums in my head. It’s not a problem that can be solved by inoculation , is it? And I don’t want you to save me from my casket.”

“Potentially. I don’t know…”The Doctor moved away his eyes. He cant stand staring at those eyes anymore.

“Then leave me alone.”

“I can’t. Don’t you see, we are the only two left. We are closely connected. You could be brilliant. You are stone-cold brilliant. You could be so much more. You could be Inspiration. It would be my honor to travel through stars with you. You don’t need to own the universe, just see it. To have the privilege of seeing the whole of time and space. That’s enough.”

The Master stood there quietly.

“Don’t know what I would be without the noise.” Said he, ”Harold Wilson”.

“Wander what I would be without you.”The Doctor said.

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