【罗朱/无cp向】Besides love 渣英语 小段子


Mercutio is surprised to see Romeo wandering with such a confusing look on his face. Romeo is mostly straight forward. He says whatever he wants and loves whoever he sees. Mercutio has to find out why, because he is Mercutio and whatever happens in Verona, he has to be a part of it. So he walks toward his friend and says:“ what happened to our little love bird? You seemed troubled.”

Romeo looks relieved when he looks up and sees Mercutio.

“ Well,something did happen to me when I came across Benvolio this afternoon. It was so weird, you won’t believe it.”

Mercutio smirks.“ There are things in Verona that even I couldn’t believe?  I’m all ears.”

Romeo grabs him by his arm and pulls him closer.

“ This morning,I met Benvolio on my way to that lovely restaurant. So I invited him to come along. When we were enjoying our breakfast, I told him about my confession to Rosaline. And of course, I was rejected again by her, my beloved goddess…”

“ Come on,Romeo, no one wants to hear your poems anymore. Cut to the important part.”

“Alright. When I told Benvolio that Rosaline had rejected me again and broken my heart, guess what?”


“ Benvolio, our Benvolio, the Benvolio I-don’t-care-about-your-lonely-soul Montague, cried.”

“Oh that was new.” Mercutio is truly interested now.

“Sure it was. In the end, I had to calm him down and promised him I wouldn’t feel sad anymore and would be okay soon. His tears were literally dripping down and his voice was hoarse. That was weird, right?”

“Indeed. Why did he cry, did you ask?” 

“I did, but he was whispering and murmuring and I couldn’t recognize what he was saying.”Romeo shrugs and frownes. 

“All right. I will ask him myself to make sure he’s alright. But what would happento him anyway? He is so...peaceful and clam.” Mercutio tabs the other’s shoulder. 

“ Oh you are the best, Mercutio. How can I live without you?”

“Fine. Don’t saythis in front of Benvolio, or he would be complaining about all those errands he has done for you again.”


Mercutio bumped into Benvolio rather quickly. He was at the bar, quiet as always. And he seems…happy. Mercutio soon approaches and starts rubbing the other’s fluffy hair. 

“Mercutio! It’syou again!” Benvolio complains without looking back.

“did you missme, honey?” Mercutio pulls another chair and sits beside him.

“Let me think….Nahh.” Benvolio smirks.

“Well, your dear little cousin Romeo ordered me to check on you. You seemed sad this morning. Is everything okay?”

Benvolio’s smile widens. “Yes, thank you for checking, but don’t report to him. This is my new trick of stopping Romeo from lecturing about love and hate all day.”

Mercutiosuddenly realizes. “Oh you evil…”

“ Don’t blame me. I literally want to cry every time he tells me he is heart-broken. I mean, how many times of emotional strike there have to be before he realizes love talking is kinda useless?”

 “ So you are fine, for real?” Mercutio is still a little bit worried but he will never admit. Worry is for girls… and Benvolio. And there is nothing wrong with worrying someone, Mercutio states to himself.

“ Yeah, and finally, I had a quiet afternoon without interruption.”

    “And guess what? Romeo finally got something else to think about besides love.”

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